Chuck Bass, the oldest son of Misty and Bartholomew Bass, was handsome, aftershave-commercial handsome. (…) Chuck was also the horniest boy in Blair and Nate’s group of friends. Once, at a party in ninth grade, Chuck had hidden in a guest bedroom closet for two hours, waiting to crawl in bed with Kati Farkas, who was so drunk she kept throwing up in her sleep. Chuck didn’t even mind. He just got in bed with her. He was completely unshakable when it came to girls.


1/? Chuck & Blair Moments

"Why do you wear so much purple?"

What is the first question people ask you?

Leighton: When Chuck & Blair are gonna be together again. The fans care about that a lot, and I’ve to say me too! I love their relationship and working with Ed is very thrilling. The scenes with him are usually my favorites because we have a great alchemy. Our harmony makes our relationship credible, we trust each other and aren’t afraid of going too far in the intimate scenes.

Though I always wanted you to choose me, I always feared he was the better man.

Leighton + Food